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Occasionally, the EdJS publishes research reports whose content, we feel, can make a significant contribution to public discourse.  Those reports can be found here.


Counting Inconsistencies: An Analysis of American Jewish Population Studies with a Focus on Jews of Color. (Spring, 2019)

Ari Y Kelman, Aaron Hahn Tapper, Izabel Fonseca, Aliya Saperstien


The Future of Jewish Education is Here: How Digital Technologies are Reshaping Jewish Education (Spring 2019) Ari Y Kelman, Antero Garcia, Molly B. Zielezinski, Mia Bruch

"Safe and On the Sidelines: Jewish Students and the Israel-Palestine Conflict on Campus." (Fall, 2017)

Ari Y Kelman, Ilana Horwitz, Abiya Ahmed, Jeremiah Lockwood, Maja Zuckerman, Marva Shalev Marom